How to learn Data structure?

How to learn DS?

DS is totally based upon how much use your thinking power. often we thought that when we learned bubble sort, insertion, and Deletion using C.

we imagined now I learned DS. and now I have pure knowledge of ds algorithm 😊. and we stop learning sometimes. because it is too hard day by day.

How to learn Data structure?
What is data structure?😁

Basic needs to start learn Data structure

First of all, We accept that we will good programmer. Because when we learn DS and Algo. We always remember that we cannot make in one ds algo expert.

  1. Basic Knowledge of loop
  2. conditional statements
  3. Attempt number of Basic Array and Pointer Questions in a Day
  4. Array and pointer
  5. Time <manageable >
  6. Passion <if You Passinate>

Sources of learning DS algorithm


  1. GeeksforGeeks
  2. java tutorial
  3. tutorial Point
  4. udmey FREE and PAID (UPDATE SOON ).


How to get Question for DS Algorithm?

One of the Best source of getting the question


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