The-MAgic secret

Mystery of miracle in life

What does miracle mean in life?

First of all, think about what age miracle happened to you? … .. Thousands of times you have felt a miracle, yet we do not know. because when
We were children, we only had positive waves.

Then the question arises, why all the people get demolished and depressed every time. And how to overcome them.

By: Gerhard

Remember when you were a child and you looked at life in total wonder and awe? Life was magical and exciting, and the smallest things were utterly thrilling to you. You were fascinated by the frost on the grass, a butterfly fluttering through the air, or any strange leaf or rock on the ground. You were full of excitement when you lost a tooth because it meant the Tooth Fairy would be coming that night, and you would count down the days to that magical night of Christmas! Even though you had no idea how Santa Claus could get to every child in the world in one night, somehow he did it, and he never let you down.

“Roald dahl”


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