Flutter Another exception was thrown

Flutter :

I/flutter (21961): The following RenderObject was being processed when the exception was fired: RenderFlex#00758 NEEDS-LAYOUT NEEDS-PAINT NEEDS-COMPOSITING-BITS-UPDATE:
I/flutter (21961): creator: Row ← [root]
I/flutter (21961): parentData:
I/flutter (21961): constraints: BoxConstraints(w=360.0, h=640.0)
I/flutter (21961): size: MISSING
I/flutter (21961): direction: horizontal
I/flutter (21961): mainAxisAlignment: start
I/flutter (21961): mainAxisSize: max
I/flutter (21961): crossAxisAlignment: center
I/flutter (21961): verticalDirection: down
I/flutter (21961): This RenderObject had the following descendants (showing up to depth 5):
I/flutter (21961): child 1: RenderParagraph#80a10 NEEDS-LAYOUT NEEDS-PAINT
I/flutter (21961): text: TextSpan
I/flutter (21961): child 2: RenderParagraph#c831a NEEDS-LAYOUT NEEDS-PAINT
I/flutter (21961): text: TextSpan
I/flutter (21961): ════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════
I/flutter (21961): Another exception was thrown: NoSuchMethodError: The method ‘>’ was called on null.


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